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Southmminster United Church ENCORE!
By Margaret Macpherson

Saturday October 22, 2011 was the occasion of a remarkable concert at Southmminster United Church. Last spring, choir director and organist Roland Graham and the volunteer team at the church organized an inaugural concert. The church choir, teamed with an exciting string orchestra from Montreal, presented the Fauré Requiem. This time an audience of approximately 400 was treated to a second concert featuring Southminster choir and the visiting Ensemble, named Arkea.
First on the program was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. This is a deservedly famous work for solo violin with small string ensemble, first published in 1725. It was our luck to hear this music live, with the dynamic young players of the Arkea Ensemble and virtuoso solo violinist Uliana Drugova, playing all four concertos, “Spring”, “Summer” “Fall” and “Winter” in one evening. Uliana is finishing a PhD in musical interpretation at the Université de Montréal. The whole experience was almost like time travel to the concert salons of Baroque Italy. The small orchestra seemed to just fit perfectly under the arching pillars and stained glass of Southminster’s lovely sanctuary, and the lush string sound rose in exciting cascades of trills and energetic scale passages right to the rafters above.

Curiously, this work, along with most everything else Vivaldi wrote, languished in relative obscurity for two hundred years. Not until 1926, when the Vivaldi revival began with the discovery of 300 of his handwritten scores in a monastery in Italy, was Vivaldi’s music again heard with the frequency that it enjoyed during his own lifetime. Imagine Vivaldi’s astonishment if he discovered that a recording of the Four Seasons, by the English Chamber Orchestra in 1989, is now reported to be the best selling classical recording of all time. He would be doubly astonished to know that more than 12 million people from across the world had listened to this work on Youtube – and that is the number of hits for just one of the several videos available. Often the four seasons are played as separate concertos for violin. For instance, Ottawa’s own Pinchas Zucherman can be heard playing “Summer” on a 1982 recording with the Israel Philharmonic. Conductor Dina Gilbert led the orchestra and soloist on this occasion in a whole year’s worth of seasons. It was a spirited performance that was memorable for its sudden mood changes and picturesque touches – we heard all the bird call trills, howling winds, drunks lumbering, dogs barking, and raindrops falling, that Vivaldi indicates right in the score.

Second on the program was a presentation by the newly formed chamber choir of Southminster, directed by Roland Graham. The 20 member choir sang on this evening J.S. Bach’s motet "Lobet den Herrn”, based on psalm 17. This is a complex fugal work for choir and small orchestra, with one cello and organ continuo. The instrumental parts and each vocal part weave intricate lines of melody in this work, each line independent yet joining into a satisfying whole. There is a beautiful Latin text, translated as printed in the program: “Praise the Lord all nations, and praise him, all peoples! For his grace and truth rule over us for eternity, Halleluja.” Hopefully we will have a chance to hear this expert choir again.

The concert ended with Vivaldi’s famous Gloria. The Southminster church and chamber choir were joined in this part of the program conducted by Roland Graham. Solo and duet movements were performed by members of the chamber choir including Isabelle Lacroix (soprano), Andrew Robar (countertenor), Jennifer Pelland (soprano). Marya Woyiwada soprano (who lived and went to school in Old Ottawa South!), replaced Emilie De Baets, who was ill. Other guest performers included Michelle LeBlanc (narrator) and Nicholas Cochrane (trumpet) and Jonathan Poenn (cello). Concert goers were also lucky to hear well-known organist Matthew Larkin play during the Gloria. This work provided a most inspiring ending to the evening.

Conductor, Dina Gilbert and director, harpsichordist and impresario Roland Graham should be justly proud of this second collaboration and concert at Southminster. Watch for the next one, due this spring, and be sure to attend!
Margaret Macpherson is a piano and music theory teacher who lives and works in Old Ottawa South.
Photo credits: David Wong
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